Daenerys is a real people's cat. She will cuddle and climb all over you. She has a little toy bunny that she loves to play fetch with.

Daenerys is a seal point 8 generation Siamese. Born on 24th June 2012. She now has her second litter of kittens and is a fantastic mother.

Daenery's father is Jingili Mr Magic, a Siamese Seal Point. Daenery's mother is Jingili Shania, also a Seal Point.

Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad is a lovely sleek young man with a long whippy tail. He follows his daddy Ethan (9 years old!) everywhere - they are like peas in a pod.

Sir Galahad is a seal point 8 generation Siamese. Born on 8th October 2012.

Galahad's father comes from champion lines and is CCCA GD CH Maithai Lancelot and was an import from the USA. Galahad's mother is Garthowen Jessica Rose. Both are Siamese Seal Point.


Merlin is our neutered male who looks after Tasmin, Danaerys and Galahad. He loves to cuddle up with them and any one else that is around.

He was sold to us as a stud male until we found out he was a monorchid (1 testicle) so for his health he was sterilised but is a much loved family member and great foster uncle to the younger cats.


Savannah is a sealpoint Siamese and daughter of Daenerys and Sir Galahad. She is a big smoocher just like her mother.

Petyr Baelish (aka Hugo)

He is our bluepoint male. He enjoys a good long scratch and is usually first awake in the morning! He comes from a new breeder of 8 generation Siamese kittens and is similar build to Merlin as they are half-brothers.


Miko is our latest addition and is to be our new sealpoint queen. She is very persistent in wanting your attention and is a little mischief. She loves cuddles and scratches and playing with the dog.

Miko is from Kalinya Siamese, thanks to Bev and Tony Hurry. Her father is Elizabethcat South Yumi-of-Kalinya and her mother is Kalinya Outback Dellina. She is a wonderful new addition to our family.