About Targaryen Siamese

Welcome to the home of Targaryen Siamese cats.

We are proud to be breeders of these rare, pure 8-generation siamese cats and kittens. We only have pure Siamese - there are NO crosses (example - oriental) in our lines. I am a third generation siamese cat breeder. Following in the footsteps of my grandma and mum.

A little bit about me - my name is Jaimie Hancock. I was born on 22nd December 1978. I am the proud mum of 3 boys - Caleb (13), Ethan (10) and Liam (8). Wife to a very patient man - Steve Hancock, who also does my website and photos of our amazing cats and kittens.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Albany in 2002. I have mainly been a retail manager until I was diagnosed with benign intercranial hypertension and was unable to work for 3 years. After the 2nd year, my eldest son Caleb and I decided to breed Siamese cats. We have had our ups and downs with breeding.

Our first stud we got was Merlin. He is now my husbands baby. When we first picked him up, we did not realise that he was a monorchid, and the breeder was very insistent to take him at 8 weeks - which should have set off warning bells. But lesson learnt. We are so glad to have Merlin - he is a wonderful uncle to the kittens. We got him desexed so he didn't get cancer later in life. He is now 3 years old.

About a year later we got Tasmin, Daenerys and Sir Galahad from a wonderful well-known breeder - Valda McDermott from Jingili Cattery in NSW.

Daenerys is a great mum. She has had two litters now. She loves to give cuddles and play fetch. She plays for hours fetching small toys. Daenerys is my companion cat.

Sir Galahad is my middle son Ethan's cat. Galahad follows Ethan everywhere. They are both very clumsy and know each others nighttime routine. They are a real funny pair.

We have now added Miko to our Siamese family - thanks to the help and support of Tony and Bev Hurry of Kalinya.

Our cats are indoor cats with a large cat run attached to the whole of our back verandah, which includes a spot with sand and large rocks to climb, and grass. All the cats and kittens can play safely outside.

Our cats and kittens are very much loved by my family, and are very social when they go to their new homes. We are so proud of our Siamese - they are amazing cats. We would recommend that every family should experience a Siamese cat at least once.

I hope that you enjoy looking at our Targaryen Siamese Cat website.

Love from Jaimie and Family. xoxoxo